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ELMORE MAGAZINE | PREMIERE: Dave Goddess’ advice: Once in a blue moon, Dance While You Can

Heart and soul, passion and fun in song

December 2nd, 2019

Photo: Peter Gourniak

Dave Goddess makes music that’s honest and pure to please himself, and, in the process, he creates a sound that moves an audience. Goddess’ earnest approach will again become evident with his upcoming album, Once in a Blue Moon, due for release this winter. Ten songs, all flush with the extraordinary power that Goddess and his group have become known for, all full to the brim with his heart and soul, passion and energy.

Goddess told Elmore, “The music we play is rough and ragged—pure American roots-rock. We dig deep and we’re always just a little out of control. That makes it fun for us and hopefully fun for the audience.

“Life grinds us down and makes us dull. We watch TV or stare at our phones while time slips by. I say do something that makes you feel good and do it now. ‘Dance While You Can’ is about revving up your joy factor—remembering what you love and exhausting the possibilities before it’s too late. “As a songwriter, I tell stories and release them into the world. Feel free to fill in the blanks, create your own meanings, and take from them anything that resonates with you. Half the time I don’t really know what the songs are about myself.” The Dave Goddess Band is Dave Goddess (lead vocals, guitars, harmonica), Mark Buschi (bass, backing vocals), Tom Brobst (keyboards, saxophone), Chris Cummings (drums, backing vocals) and Gary Gipson (guitars, backing vocals). Once in a Blue Moon to be released on Feb 28, 2020 on Emotional Records.

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