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  • Michael Collin

VENTS MAGAZINE | New Music Review: Blue Moon by The Dave Goddess Group

Today we are pleased to join forces with Dave Goddess Group for the premiere of their new single “Once In A Blue Moon,” off their eponymous new record. The song captures the theme of the song’s lyrics through the use melodic guitar riffs that bridges between Ballad and Country rock. Dave’s tender voice adds warm to the song which elevates it to a whole new ground.

About the song, Dave comments “I’ve made most of the big decisions in my life based on love. I learned that from John Lennon–whether it’s love of others, love of music, love of freedom, whatever. My song, Once in a Blue Moon, is about finding love and the clarity and hope that can bring.

I live in New York, and when I walk around the streets, I see so many things that inspire me to write. There’s strangeness or beauty or sadness everywhere. Sometimes I hear somebody say something in a deli and I think—that’s a great line. I write all this stuff down and save it. I can get re-inspired months later by finding some scrap of paper in my coat pocket.

It’s a shame, but it seems to me that the meaning of songs is less important than ever. Lyrics are a second thought and people often don’t listen to them. I was always moved by the message—trying to understand and relate to the songwriter’s thoughts. The power of rock and roll comes from the music, but the spirit comes from the words.
As a songwriter, I try to stick to things I know and feel. Others have obviously had great success fantasizing about Yellow Submarines or Space Oddities, but I stay closer to home.”

Dave Goddess is a man on a mission. It’s all about making music that’s honest, and creating a sound that can move an audience while still managing to satisfy himself.
“At the very least, it’s authentic,” Goddess confides, “I’ve never made any choices based on making money or having hits or being popular. Maybe that’s not the best career strategy, but screw it. I try to keep it personal and real. That’s not to say that every song is about me, but just that there’s a core of truth, soul, or deeper meaning involved. If that’s not there, I’m simply not interested.”
That earnest approach will again become evident with Goddess’ upcoming album, Once in a Blue Moon, which is due for release February 28th. Co-produced by Dave Goddess and Konrad Carelli, it boasts ten songs flush with the extraordinary power and raw passion Goddess and his group have become known for over the course of the current decade.

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